17 September 2017

Cave-Bed Dismantled and Recycled!

Continued from the previous post:

Our human decided to dismantled the cave-bed as the kitties were sort of taking it apart.

Somehow Captain Jack and Winnie seem to prefer the new location and style as they sometimes nap together since there is enough space.

Here is Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's opinion and response!

10 September 2017

Cave Bed

Our human started a new project and we commented on it.

A little while later.

And then our human decided – project abandoned!

27 August 2017

New Toy?

When you have too many toys like little blue catnip 'mousies' and plastic balls with bells inserts (for the visually impaired), a rafia string becomes a new interesting toy.
Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK eyeing with his one good eye at the rafia string.

Here he is using his ear to sense the string.

20 August 2017

Nosy or Inquisitive?

Timid as he is, Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK is such a 'busybody' and always wants to 'nose' what is going on.

Our human feels he is more nosy than inquisitive.

13 August 2017


Winnie does this rather often. It is not because she loves to play hide and seek but because she is utterly timid and jumpy.

And with that wide-eye funny face, you simply could not resist creeping silently behind and give her a little finger prod on her rump!