20 May 2018


Our human decided to clear out some toys.

Winnie came and chose a small hemp-wrapped cylinder with a small bell and a few feathers.

She played with it, shredded and tore it apart. It lasted a few days and then got bored.

06 May 2018

Golden Paws!

Winnie was never good when her claws were being clipped. 

Lately, desperately wanting affection she allowed it, purring away but with any strange sounds, she will immediately shoot off.

This is after her manicure.

29 April 2018

Thunderstorm Prayer

There was a big thunderstorm with heavy downpour on Friday late afternoon.

As usual, our human will make rounds to check for any leaks and found Winnie doing this in her MeowRoom.

She settled into this position when the rain started to ease off.

22 April 2018

Timid Winnie

Perhaps it was her early years when she was abandoned and left to fend for herself that made her what she is today.

Winnie is timid and always jumpy.
Just look at her eyes and face.

After living with our human for 12 years, Winnie is a little better. She calls when she wants a hug or love, and not the other way around. She still runs when approached.  Perhaps her early experience was ingrained to her bones that human and the whole wide world is unforgiving.

17 April 2018

Keep Cool!

While some places in the world are having freak cold weather in spring, we are having scorching heat if it does not rain.

Winnie hunkered down in the corner of her MeowRoom to keep cool.