04 December 2016

Safe Spots on Rainy Days?

Lately the monsoon rain not only has strong winds but a lot of lightning and loud thunder as well.

Frightened by the sound of pouring rain on awnings and loud thunder, the kitties hid in what they believed to be safe spots.

Safe spots for Winnie and Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK.

Safe spots where their late buddies hid.

27 November 2016

Past Pumpkin?

Age must be catching up with our human who forgot to post these pictures.

Oh! An interesting pumpkin! 

No stinky smell? I'll give it a pass!

21 November 2016

Dunked !

Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK loves playing with their blue toy mice. 
He plays constantly and carries them in his mouth.

This much-loved one got dunked...

...and had to be thoroughly soaked in detergent.

Our human has looked everywhere but could not locate two missing mice.

16 October 2016

Bedbox Update!

Words not needed as these pictures say it all.