05 November 2017

Forced Persuasion?

We, kitties, have been lazing a lot lately; even more so with daily heavy rain and thunderstorms these few weeks.

Greatly influenced by us, our human followed suit, lazed a lot and procrastinated to the point of not even blogging or checking mail.

Well, our human suddenly realised that it is now November and had missed several kitty events like Halloween, etc.

Here's Winnie totally asleep till her short tail went limp!

08 October 2017

Unabashed Winnie?

Humans at times do not show their true feelings but not animals.

Not happy, even two blue catnip mousies could not tempt the 'not happy' Winnie

and turned her back refusing to look when called.

01 October 2017

Easy Sunday

Since our human do not clean house on Sundays and prefer to laze around, so do we kitties, says Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK.

24 September 2017

Fang Ready for Halloween

Winnie says, "Halloween is coming soon? I've got my fang ready!"

17 September 2017

Cave-Bed Dismantled and Recycled!

Continued from the previous post:

Our human decided to dismantled the cave-bed as the kitties were sort of taking it apart.

Somehow Captain Jack and Winnie seem to prefer the new location and style as they sometimes nap together since there is enough space.

Here is Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's opinion and response!